Fine Dining Week


Aperitif | MERCY BROWN

The base of the cocktail was often adored and the often hated Roquefort cheese. The sharp aromas of blue mold have been smoothed with a proven combination of chocolate, which in liquid form is represented by Creme de Cacao. How to close two unobvious flavors in an aperitif? Roquefortfeller @ Mercy during Fine Dining Week.


Pierwsze Danie | SABABA

Mezcal | mango hummus | cranberry purée | Sencha | green tea foam

A surprising composition, combining the distinctiveness of mezcal, the original flavor of mango hummus in tandem with a cranberry cone, curled with a delicate green tea foam. The whole is topped with a sprinkle of parsley and tea leaves, and a traditional laffa bread with pomegranate.

Tekila Bloody Sundałj

Drugie Danie | Z UST DO UST

A variation on Bloody Mary with a smirk towards Tequila Sunrise. An idea taken from Mexican sals and without pardon mixing their flavors. Everything served with nachos and Mexican sauce.



The cocktail refers to the best-selling cake in Krakowska Wolnica of the same name.

on offer 25/08 - 28/08